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Thread: Anyone been to Paris?

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    I found Paris to be rather difficult and unfriendly for me personally. I do have a friend who is a wheelchair user and a travel agent who lives in Paris...she could be of great service.

    She speaks English as well.
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    Thank you very much for the information, sherocksandsherolls.

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    We spent a week in Paris last year - the city was relatively easy to get around - while the metro is not accessible, virtually all busses are and drivers can extend ramps. We too the bus everywhere they were fast, frequent and usable.
    Most attractions, say the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay are accessible. Many restaurants are accessible without steps. There are curb cuts in most places. While there are a few cobbles many european cities are worst.
    We find it preferable to stay in an apartment (say AirBNB) but suitable places don't exist. We stayed at Hotel Ibis Cite Science - a little further out than I would choose if we did it again.
    One note - I am with my wife and with her help I can do one step. We did not have problems with those restrictions.
    Use google street view to see what barriers might exist - hotels will have wireless and it your phone is from TMobile or AT&T you can buy a SIM card for it (much cheaper than roaming)
    Good luck - enjoy

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    Thank you very much for your information, Icarus. I am feeling more confident that the trip is do-able!

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    I agree that the trip is do-able. One thing to realize about Europe in general is that while you may not see accessibility signage, there is probably some way to access most stuff. In the Louvre, for example, there are all sorts of back ways around steps - you just have to find a museum guard, tell him where you're trying to get to, and he'll escort you on a route you probably won't find on the map you have in your hand. When in doubt, ask.

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    Never to Paris, but did spend time in PARADISE with my wife last night.

    For the good times,

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