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Thread: New type of accessible exercise pulley

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    New type of accessible exercise pulley

    After I had a C-4 C-5 Spinal Cord Injury, my grandma would take me to the gym and setup the machines for me. The stronger I got, the harder it was on her. To make my rehabilitation easier on her and more accessible for myself, I invented the Hydro Weight, an exercise pulley system ideal for people with limited range of motion. I found it to be very effective. I would appreciate feedback to determine if the system should be further developed and marketed.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
    The website:
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    Senior Member forestranger52's Avatar
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    From a small cabin in the big woods of The Allegheny National Forest, PA
    C5/6 Quad. Have been looking at pulley systems for a few years and yours is a good idea. I would like a pulley that also has a line coming out down low for curls, chest and back exercises. You could also probably use a bar that you could put both hands on to do pull downs. Also good for shoulders.

    Good luck, it would be great to be able to adjust the weight by ourselves.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    Thank you so much for your comments! Think I've figured out how to change the load angle. I'll do some testing and get back to you.

    Thank you!

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    forestranger52, I think this change may address your suggestion.
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    Senior Member darty's Avatar
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    It looks like a good idea but I agree that if you could incorporate more angles and more exercises into it then it would be more desirable. I see from the video that the buttons to activate it are low so the user can activate it with their foot. Can a remote control either wired or wireless be used instead? Some type of graspless design for quads with no hand function. My other suggestion I have is the smaller the better, some people won't have the space required to use it so if you could compact it somehow I think you could hit a larger market.

    I use a home made theraband setup that I can use independently and works great for me but for those who can't figure it out I think your on the right track.

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    I think any and all improvement add ons can be incorporated later. As it is now (last modification incl) I believe some should be sent out for field testing. This will take considerable investment, but actual field testing in some select locations is the only way to know if it can sell, or even has a realistic demand. Just one opinion of many.

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    We've added a motorized adjustable rail pulley. Any thoughts?
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    Using just the Android for application puts the Apple users out of the market.

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    A chest pad to brace you upper body against while doing rows/pulling exercises would make it much more useful IMO.
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