No actually I never did think of that. You have me thinking about it now. As far as scary, well yeah it is but I've been experiencing it for so long that I just started going with it. I think the first time I got scared was when I forgot two weeks of my life. I tried but nothing would remind me of it. Talking to a neurologist might something I should do. I find it so difficult to navigate the health care system I shy away from it. A few weeks ago I peed a lot of blood for more than a week and I just waited it out. Off topic maybe but I do find the system intimidating especially with my concentration and memory difficulties. I often don't answer when I am asked a healthcare question regarding when I did something or how often, honestly I want to say, "How would I know?". You've got me thinking about the neuro thing. If there is a therapy I would do it. I have heard many times about re-training the brain, using different areas. That's okay with me. Anything that helps. Thank you for the idea :-)

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Grommet, have you ever discussed this as an adult with a neurologist? With everything new we have learned about the brain many people have benefited from cognitive therapies. It is basically exercises to get another part of your brain to take over the missing areas. I know there is a place in Florida that specializes in people who have had strokes but there are less intense practitioners elsewhere. I think I would find those missing times very scary. Good luck.