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Thread: NY Trip - Accessibility of LIRR?

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    NY Trip - Accessibility of LIRR?

    Howdy folks, its been a long time since I've posted.

    I'm taking a trip from San Diego to NY next week to visit family. My first time back on Long Island in 9 years! I have a lot to do and see. I will have a van but not one I can drive. I plan on heading into the city and was wondering whether the LIRR, and Penn Station, are accessible. Last time I took the train from the island to the city was over 20 years ago and I had to be carried up the steps in Penn Station. Not fun.

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    I should've mentioned that I'd likely be getting on/off the train at the Rockville Centre, Wantagh, Seaford, or Massapequa stations.

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    It's been a few years but the only way to answer your question is "it depends".
    Here's a WIKI on NYC subway access:
    As you can see, not all stations are accessible. Access may also depend on elevator status.
    You can check daily subway elevator status here:
    And daily LIRR elevator status here:

    Hopefully, some of the CareCure members who live in New York will see this and post.

    Please tell us about your experience when you get back.

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