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Thread: Beware of Oracing - They will rip you off

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmorris View Post
    Thanks Toto. I should have contacted you sooner !
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    I have to say that since the purchase of my Oracing XTR2 a month ago I have only praise, they replaced the thicker backrest upholstery and shorter seat sling within a week.

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    I did finally get the new upholstery thanks to Toto helping. They still made them without the velcro pocket I wanted despite me writing it on the form in at least 2 places. Oh well, at least I can have my original upholstery repaired now without being without my chair for a week and end up with a backup set. After all this I would really hesitate to buy another oracing in case I need parts or anything. I absolutely love my current chair but I may give Mike box a try next time.
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    I think being in the UK maybe a factor in it being sent to me so quickly, after all it's only 2 hour flight to Valencia. The only issue I have with MB chairs is they seem very bulky, but good luck in the future.

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