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Thread: Ride design cushion?

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    Ride design cushion?

    I have been battling skin issues on my butt bone and tailbone forever because I'm very boney and have no sensation down there at all and I use a Roho cushion but my OT mentioned a Ride cushion might be better for me. Does anyone have experience or reviews on these type of cushions? It scares me to switch to something unknown especially because of my skin issues.

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    Are they talking about a Ride Designs CUSTOM cushion or one of their stock Forward cushions (so called "configured" cushions)?? There is a difference. We use a lot of the custom cushions for our most difficult seating challenges, but they have to be fit and built for you individually by a vendor or therapist who has had the proper training from the Ride Designs company.

    Here is their website for the custom cushion information:


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    Yes it will be one of the custom formed ones so my boney areas are not touching anything. My worry is it will cause pressure areas on other areas because I'm very boney not a lot of fat or muscle down there

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    I switched to a custom several years ago and I won't ride on anything else now. I just got another one not too long ago so that I could have a nice one for work and my older one for my garage chair. It takes a little while to get used to since they are solid and don't squish down, like when you lean to the side to pick something up off of the ground, it won't give. Other folks on this forum have tried and the custom didn't work for them. Your local rep should be able to set up you with a loaner. I borrowed one for almost a week and was hooked. I had the Ride Forward cushion too, which didn't work for me. It is very squishy and does not offer much support or stability. I wouldn't recommend the Forward but you might be able to demo it as well to make up your own mind. The Ride custom is pricey but to me it has been worth it.

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    Great thanks! I guess I'll give it a shot my roho isn't working for me anymore.

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    I have one to elevate my ischiums which worked out really well for a while until I had some shorts bunched up under my right trochanter a couple years ago. I still have that sore. I've since switched to a Roho hybrid elite which mapped perfectly after we carved out some of the hard stuff around the Roho part which is only in the ischiums. It still has to be inflated perfectly and I believe it has a small leak. I've gained and lost a lot of weight since I did the Ride cushion and the do better on the Roho. The trochanter is below the ischiums more on the thigh. Maybe the nurse can explain exactly where that's at. I have one thing to comment on it, if you can, make sure the front isn't elevated too much. It left me unable to put my knees underneath some tables in my manual chair
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    I put together my own roho configuration to eliminate pressure entirely on my tailbone - 2 separate chambers - 3" bubbles all over excluding a row of 3 2" bubbles down the back/middle where my tailbone sits. those 2" bubbles stay deflated but keep the surrounding bubbles from caving in. make any sense? Has worked for 10+ years.
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    I was considering a Ride but there are no PT's available to 'fit' me, leaving the Ride Forward but I see a lot of negative reviews on this model. What can anyone tell me about the ROHO Hybrid Elite?
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    Regarding “... can anyone tell me about the ROHO Hybrid Elite?”

    Both the ROHO Hybrid Elite and the Jay J3 are foam-based cushions that accommodate two types of well inserts – air and fluid (i.e., gel). The foam base of either cushion can receive either type of insert. In the same foam base you can use an air insert at times and you can switch to a fluid (i.e., gel) insert at other times. These two hybrid cushions are very different than the substantially more firm custom Ride cushions referenced in the original post. There is also a newer hybrid cushion that has an air structure similar to a Roho but adds internal foam pillars to increase the cushion’s stability – it’s called a Star Stabil-Air cushion. It is not yet shown on the manufacturer's website.

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    I got a Ride custom cushion, must be a couple of years now, and it's done its job. I can't say as much for the Ride back. Initially, I was supposed to get some kind of harness with it, but that changed to a strap.

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