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Thread: Uppertone Home Gym For Sale

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    It was pointed out to me that taking I-40 east is almost as fast as I-10, so that opens up more cities I could drop this chair off at on our trip in a couple weeks. And I was also convinced not to bother with buying new tires for the 26 inch rims. One may not want to use them anyway or get a different brand than I was going to get. So the NEW price is $220 delivered as noted.

    I can't see my own pictures with this software upgrade, so if you are serious and need pictures PM me with your email address. At any rate time is now short if you want or need this chair.

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    I thought someone would have snapped this up by now. We leave in a few days so if it's not in the van for you, that just makes more room for luggage, my trike and three wheelchairs. The trike and one chair get dropped off at my son's place near LA so there really is plenty of room to get this to Albuquerque or wherever.

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