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Thread: auto insurance

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    In ny and have progressive and i don't pay extra for hand controls.
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    [QUOTE=TheRainman;1738606]I would double check on that. In Florida Geico does charge extra for those items. It could be a state law there but I would double check to be sure. Some new agents can make mistakes.[/

    when end I got policy I had to give them the value of each modification (transfer seat, ramp, kneeling system, hand controls, etc) and send in proof from the van place showing cost and verifying they were really installed on my car. Every 6 months when my policy renews it comes with a list of the modifications & original value...a chance for me to let them know if the modifications have changed. The explanation of costs lists "custom modifications" with $0 for what it costs to be part of my policy.

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    Yep, I am an Allstate customer also and the policy does cover the permanent hand-controls and does not cover my portables.

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