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Thread: digestion food tightness

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    digestion food tightness

    i'm c6-7.. have asked about this before.

    Every time I eat, my body tightens up in my torso. It only takes one bite of food. I have regular bowel movements. Also have a baclofen pump. My legs are loose, but my torso tone keeps increasing and increasing and increasing. It consumes me all day. Constant pulling.

    Sugared item make the tightness worse so I avoid. Upper gi showed inflammation when I did it few years ago.

    Thankfully, I only need 1 or 2 dig stims for bp, bc that sets it off higher too.

    Hypersensitivity has also increased.

    Had mri last yr complete spine. nothing showed too bad... not much change. some disc degen and slight pinching around t4. This tone is just pulling and twisting me so bad. my back is locking up in 1 area.

    Just gets worse and PA has no suggestions.
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    Might be "gas", Try the store brand of GasX (symethicone). This happens to me, and besides the tightness, I feel flushed and/or warm. When the GasX makes me burp, I feel almost instantly better.
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    Has your baclofen pump effectiveness only helped your lower extremities? did it ever help other parts of your body? how long have your had the pump?
    so when you the MRI did it check the positioning of the catheter in your spine from the baclofen pump? Are you taking additional baclofen orally?

    You may want to consider a swallow study to look at your throat and esophagus.


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    Suggest you take 1000mg of vitamin B-12 with breakfast. Helps with more complete digestion of food and lessens farting which is a sign that your food is not completely digested. Taking B-12 later in the day will keep you up most of the night as B-12 will provide more energy.

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    I've had baclofen pumps since 1995. About 12 years ago, I had a leak in the catheter line, and I could really tell that something was wrong. It was replaced and the doctor never downed the amount of baclofen, so with the new catheter, I received a larger dose. I was wayyyy loose all over my body. That gradually disappeared. Now, when I type or move my arms or bend over, it increases that torso tone. It affects my eyesight.. like a darkness. Right now while I'm typing, my back is clenching tight.

    I guess the catheter was shown as placed correctly. The test was done over a year ago.

    In the past 2 years, I've lost 25 pounds. I eat the same foods.

    My back seems very UNSTABLE. Movement increases tone, and the eating exacerbates it too.

    I'm on zero oral meds. I have baclofen and a little dilaudid in my pump.

    Could this whole thing be vagus nerve related?

    It's like my body is injured and movement just seems to make it worse. I always thought the tone was going to get better later in sci.
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