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Thread: need a good urologist

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    need a good urologist

    Hi All,
    We have taken David to so many doctors about his urinary issues and have always been disappointed. The doctors either didn't care or just didn't want to treat him. Found one finally that we thought was going to be the one to help, and it too is a no go. David went to Kernan Hospital for a cystoscopy and urodynamics and the idiot that did it, thought the huge healed wound he left the hospital with 6 years ago was his rectum and poked the instrument in it and opened it up after all these years. Then they decided to turn him over more and found his rectum. Since May, we have not heard from the doctor and even after putting in a call to him, he never called back.
    Anyone that knows a good urologist in Maryland that treats SCI patients, please let us know. We would like to eliminate the foley since David is prone to uti's.
    DavesMom, Diane

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    I was going to suggest that you contact the nearest VA SCI center for a recommendation, but the nearest looks like it is in Richmond, VA. Have you tried calling all of the urologists in the area and inquiring?
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    Have you tried the Brady Urological Center on the north side of Baltimore? It is part of Johns Hopkins and while Diamond Jim Brady had prostate problems they do handle neuro-urological problems. I think it does better with men than women overall but they do recognize bodily orifices from scar tissue. Edward (Jamie) Wright is a neuro-urologist there. I would ask about lifts or lifters being available.
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    Good luck. In my experience Urology has been the worst specialty I've ever had to work with. Its even surpassed my experience with rheumatology. So far I haven't seen a good urologist, but I've seen multiple idiots, and am waiting for an August 7th appt with a new one who's office considered an emergency appt from June 9th and June 13th ER visits (took from June 9th to June 18th I believe to even get someone to return my multiple messages) to be July 2nd. Instead the ER got me in immediately with the urology office I used to go to. I specifically requested a different uro than who I had seen. I ended up getting immediate surgery, friday appt and monday surgery. There was a complication, they knew it, I was sent home anyway, then had to spend the night in the ER.

    I really, really hope you are finally able to find a good urologist. I don't understand whats so hard about the specialty to find a good one!! I can't imagine dealing with the incompetency for over 6 years, wow.
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    I recommend Dr. Patrick Shenot at Thomas Jefferson 811 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. I am paralyzed 13yrs from complete SCI. Been to many Urologist thru the years. Dr. Shenot specializes with SCI. I am a 2 hour drive north of Philadelphia. He is the absolute best as well as his staff. I have been a patient of his since 2007. When I first heard of him it did take 6 months to get an appt. After I got in appointments were immediate. I had issues with uti's, participated in a clinical study and had other surgical procedures done as well. He is definitely worth the travel.

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