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Thread: Who transfers to an office chair?

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    Who transfers to an office chair?

    I'm an architect, so I sit at a desk for about 7 hours a day. I used my wheelchiar for the last few years, but am wanting to start transferring into something that is more comfortable. I'm a t6 complete with severe chronic pain. I'm wanting to know what type/brand chairs you guys are using that feel better to sit in all day? What features/support do you like or not like? I grabbed one of our conference room chairs the other day and just being able to lean back feels so much better. And it takes some weight off for pressure sore issues. I plan on putting a cushion on the chair as well incase I have any bladder issues, I can just take it home and wash it. Any input would be great.

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    When I was still a para and could transfer easily I sat in my office chair most days...being able to lean back & higher back support. I found it was more comfortable but I did have to remind people I couldn't get up or maneuver around the second they walked in my office. Now that Im a quad no transferring for me. Still wish I had the ability to lean back & stretch in my manual chair like an office chair.

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    I am para, but lean back and stretch, as you say, feels fantastic. I think it does wonders in all kinds of places.

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    I am a T7 para with chronic back pain. I try to sit in my office chair as much as I can but I'm a Social Worker and run around the clinic and my office a lot. I have a normal leather office chair that is tall and has a lot of back support. Feels great just to "stretch" out in it.

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    My Dad (para) loves his desk chair. He prefers it to sitting in his wheelchair. Things he likes about his.... it has a mesh type of fabric/structure that breathes and feels cool. He likes having arm rests that you can push up and out of the way.

    His was fairly inexpensive - from Costco. You will probably get a nicer one if you will be in it all day.

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    Just be careful, as the seat of an office chair, even an "ergonomic" chair may actually cause high pressures and make you at higher risk for pressure ulcers.


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    C7 complete quad... if I need to get something done and it's going to take more than a couple hours without needing to move I'll transfer onto a nice wide (18x18) Ride Designs Forward cushion that I have on an Ikea office chair. I can lean back and is far more comfortable than my manual wheelchair.

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    People ask me when I transfer out of my wheelchair "aren't you comfortable in your chair?", I answer "my wheelchair is designed for getting around and is very efficient, but furniture is designed for sitting still in and is far more comfortable."

    It's weird, if I sit still in my wheelchair for 8-10 hours my body goes nuts. Have sat in the office chair for 12+ and my spasticity is non-existent.

    Do your pressure reliefs (set a timer if you need to) and check your butt every few hours if you are using a new/unfamiliar cushion.

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