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Thread: long bowel routine needing a lot of stim. help!

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    Miralax daily helped me out and prune juice if that doesn't cut it. I still ended up getting a colostomy though. It seems drastic but it changed my life and my care takers lives. It has its issues too but nothing close to the hell I used to go through doing a BP. Good luck I hope it gets better for you.
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    My system must have changed my BP are taking forever now. I may end up with a colostomy. I'm getting burned out. Senikot no longer works. Magic Cleanse doesn't seem to do anything either.
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    Try Enemeez or Docusol daily instead of Magic Bullet!

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    I've had the same problem. My BR was taking 3 hours!! Finally, I found the right combo of sena and MiraLax. 5 senna and two cap fulls of miralax have been working for me. Takes me about an hour and a half. Still way too long but at least my entire day isn't in the bathroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Try Enemeez or Docusol daily instead of Magic Bullet!
    I try the enemeez And I don't think That worked from what I remember. I will give the other one a try. Thanks are there any others that are like the magic bullet. I found when I went from a regular suppository to the magic bullet the magic bullet gave me results much faster than the previous one which I cannot recall what it was called. It might've just been the docusol. But I'll give it a shot.

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    BSP1136 I will give the Senokot and MiraLAX combo instead of ducolux and senokot A try. Are you taking any other medications? Narcotics? Just so I know to plan for extra because I have to take so many pain medication.
    I wish I could get up out of bed because I know that has a factor gravity and all... It's just too excruciating.

    I forgot to mention that if I get results after the first digital stim and then suppository and then after more stim for quite some time if more comes out (sometimes there is a clear fluid that comes out at the end) the rectum seems to get tight according to what the nurse says. Now that clear fluid sometimes signals the end of the routine but then sometimes after the second digital stim and clear fluid and tightness it becomes looser again and even more results come out then finally some more clear fluid and maybe tight and that's usually the final end.

    any thoughts?

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    It's quite a relief to know that I am not the only one who dreads bowl days now. You never used to be like this, I would take a couple of suppository and everything would work just fine. Nowadays, the whole process can take an hour, sometimes more. In a lot of cases I'm finding that the results is far from satisfactory. I tend to go a few days with not particularly great results, then I will have a very good result. Sometimes the stool is of a good consistency, other times it's almost verging on diarrhoea. Thankfully I've never had a serious accident, but it's just the amount of time it takes in the morning. This morning I had done everything by myself, can't tell you how long because I was asleep. I used a couple of Dulcalux nowadays, nothing else seems to work. Mind you, I probably have more mornings where nothing has happened to begin with and then when things work by themselves. My diet is good, i.e. vegetables, I've also been eating apricots everyday And plenty of water. I just wish I could go back to how I was where my bowl routine didn't take very long and didn't need a lot of probing either.

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    It might be time to take a good hard look at your bowel program. I would encourage you to keep a bowel diary and see if there is any pattern. Keep track of your Meds, food and drinks, as well as what you do for your program and when. You just might be able to troubleshoot the problem. If you decide to make some changes, the make one change at a time. Leave it in place for 4-7 days before making another change.

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    You are unable to purchase liquid Magnesium Citrate in Australia and I am looking to see if I can switch to Mag C 200mg capsules instead of multiple senna tablets. How much Mag C would people recommend? Incomplete Quad C4. Thanks

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    I too have been on a high dose of morphine for almost 9 years. My BR has been 1 sennakot twice daily, 1 ducosate twice daily, and at least 2 tbsp lactulose in PM. The latter can really get things moving quickly. Its like alchemy trying to find balance.
    My plan is to reduce narco pain meds as best I can to see where my baseline pain is after so many years. Then assess BR. I've decreased morphine by 10% every couple weeks/months as I was able and after a couple years have dropped down to less than 1/4 of what I was at at my 'worst' (which is now 110 mg daily). I've tried magnesium, fresh papaya & supplement. Diet (lots of green veg.), sleep and activity all play upon my routine. One day at a time.

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