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Thread: long bowel routine needing a lot of stim. help!

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    There is no surer way to start my day off on the wrong foot than by 'a lot of probing' in my morning BR. No surer route to a depressive backward looking state of despondency than having to carefully peel off glove after glove after glove.

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    I know that your original question was about your bowel routine, but given your comments from yesterday, I feel I need to address that issue. When was the last time that you had a pain evaluation? It is not a good idea to decrease or increase the medications on your own. You have been on this regimine a long time and there are many new treatments/medications out there that may be more effective.

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    Thanks guys for the advice. I've been taking miraLAX in the morning along with the 4 Senokot and 4 ducolux and I've increased my water intake the day before the bowel routine night which has helped a little bit. So when I put the suppository in it takes about an hour for results to happen then I have to really still work at it to get the rest of it out but it's improving slightly.

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