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Thread: Carbon Fiber Handrims

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    Carbon Fiber Handrims

    The last few pairs of carbon handrims are available. All are for 25" (559) wheels. One pair for Sun wire wheels and 2 pairs for Spinergy. The only difference is the rim diameter at the mounting tabs. All use 6 mounting tabs with 2 handrim offset options. The mounting diameter for the Sun wire wheels is 21-1/8" and for Spinergy 20-7/8". May fit other wheels.

    Price is $500 per pair plus shipping (to US only).

    These were the last ones in production. Once they're gone, no more will be available. If you want a truly unique accessory (that also happens to weigh half of what aluminum handrims weigh), this could be your last chance.

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    How are they finished?

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    They are finished with DuPont urethane. Provides good grip, durability and is easily repairable should the handrim become excessively scratched.

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    2 pairs for Spinergy wheels and 1 pair for Sun still available.

    $450/pair shipped to US.

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    I'm interested

    I'm interested for Spinergy if you still have them?
    Quote Originally Posted by Black Alloy View Post
    2 pairs for Spinergy wheels and 1 pair for Sun still available.

    $450/pair shipped to US.
    gonartec at gmail

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    Sorry, but these handrim sets have all been sold. You can send me your contact information via private message if you would like to be notified of future availability.


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