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Thread: Best Bladder Control System

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    Best Bladder Control System

    I have been a quadriplegic for 37 years. Male. First 31 used a Texas cath. Last 6 used a Foley because catheter came off a lot as I stayed in bed to cure pressure sore. Urologist says there is a new way -similar to self cathing by lower quads and para-. Method is used for quads about c5 with no hand or wrist movement. Not a SP. Sorry for spelling. Light is dark in this hospital room. Young new urologist says this the best thing for me. Full of kidney stones, folleys leak and stop up, and bladder spasms make cathing a bitch. Dr. says this is a fairly new procedure but still uses part of your intestines to form the bladder and place a drain. Just heard about it and looking for a procedure name. Donnie kidney stones are killing me.

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    What you are talking about has been around for quite sometime, I thought about doing it in the early 1990's in some ways I wish I had just bit the bullet and done it. They make your bladder bigger using part of your intestines, this is called a " Bladder Augmentation ". Then the second part of it is to route a passageway to your belly button from you bladder with a Stoma that you Cath through. This is called a "Mitrofanoff Procedure" or "Mitrofanoff Valve" The price you pay for having this done is it is a fairly intense operation and the recovery is not easy, you are sick for a while and there is a risk of infection, these are the things that scared me off. But the reward can be great as you don't have to cath as often and cathing is much more simple without even pulling your pants down done through your belly button. You will probably have some mucous in your urine after having this done, but this is not a big issue. Something to think about. Just make sure the doc who does it has a lot of experience and knows what he is doing because this is something you don't want screwed up.
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    agree with Curt above.


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    I'm scare of it as well.

    Waiting for something better to come along.
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    I have to do something now! This foley is really killing me. All help is appreciated. Will make a decision this month. Donnie Wyatt

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