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Thread: Wanting to work.

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    I've considered the online classes and will do them. The COTA program at my local community college only offers 2 elective classes online, for that course. The other community college around me, offers the COTA program, but am told their credits don't transfer, so I won't be going there. I will make it happen either way, if I go that route. Thanks for the input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clinker View Post
    I have an associates degree in Heating and Cooling and Graduated in 2005. I tried calling back to talk to someone else at voc rehab and the other person is gone till after the 4th. I'm kicking around the idea of being a COTA, but my hands are still contracted, so I might wait to see where I am at in the future.
    If you haven't already, I hope you call vocational rehab back. I know they are state agencies, and I'm not in your state, but when I got into medical school I thought I might need a standing wheelchair and I didn't have an extra $10,000 lying around, so somebody told me to check out VR. The conversation went something like this:

    Me "Hey, so is there any way you guys could get me a standing wheelchair?"

    VR: "You broke?"

    Me: "Yup, see these bank statements and medicaid ID cards."

    VR: "Sure, you can have the standing chair, we'll sort out the cost thing later. Need some tuition money?"

    Me: "You cover that? ah, yes, sure I'll take it."

    VR: "Okay, just tell your school to send us the tuition and fees, we'll pay it all."

    Me: "Awesome!"

    VR: "How about living expenses, do you need money."

    Me: "I've got SSD, but that's not enough to live on."

    VR: "Okay, we'll give you another thousand or so dollars a month to live off of. And while we're at it, just let me know what books and supplies you need and we'll sort that out too."

    Me: "You guys are the best! I came in here hoping for help with a standing chair and you offered me a way to get out of school debt free!"

    .... Doing rough math in my head, at this point I think VR has given me a little over $100,000 and in the end it will be a grand total in the range of $130,000. I thought my state was broke too, but I guess if you talk to the right person, sometimes purse strings can be opened in your direction.

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    Been awhile since I've posted on here. I talked to a different person at VR and I got them all the paper work they needed, I am waiting to go do an assessment there. I also have been asked to go and talk with OT students at the local college.

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