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Thread: Moderator Editing by movement

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    Moderator Editing by movement

    I made the post in Life and not Cure on purpose. The story, technology none of it has to do with a cure and I did not want it in Cure, I do not read Cure.

    Why was it moved to Cure and not Computers? That's what is about IC (computer chip) not one iota of cure.

    Now why is this topic not moved?

    "When I Walk"/ PBS / POV

    Film on PBS by a filmmaker diagnosed with MS five years ago. Airs on our local stations POV / "Point of View" ,here tonight. Could be interesting.

    It's the exact same thing, moderators are to zealous to abuse the power. The least intrusion is the best and lets be consistent.

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    zealous to abuse the power? a bit harsh and perhaps self centric? I want what I want, I want, what I want. FWIW I think the moderators do a great job.


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    I don't see that you ever made a previous post about this, moved or not.


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