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Thread: Model Using Power Chair in Early Fall Nordtstrom Catalog

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    Model Using Power Chair in Early Fall Nordtstrom Catalog

    This does not happen often, but here's to seeing more of those who are dis in popular media!

    She is also in one of the cosmetics ads in this preview to Fall ad piece.

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    They are also one of the few stores with enough room between racks and decent sized fitting rooms. I miss having one here in town but one will soon be about an hour away.
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    Good for you that a Nordstrom will be that close to you soon! Like you, I find the stores easier than most to navigate physically. Also, I know how certain brands fit so I can shop online. BTW, the Fall preview sale kicks off July 10 if you have a Nordstrom card. It means first dibs on Fall clothes not yet available other than to cardholders.

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