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Thread: vans verse car

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    vans verse car

    would a ramp van be any easier on my shoulders im having shouldr pain regular like and was curous if the van is much better than car

    you still need to go up the ramp and transfer is that easier on ya than breaking down the chair and pulling it across

    its either a new challenger or a van
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    There are pully assists to help you up a van ramp if needed. I'd say a van modified to meet your needs is definitely easier than a car. But depends on what you want/need done to the van and general downsides of a van compared to a car.
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    I love having a van. I understand that many don't ever want a minivan, but for me it is SO much more practical. I tried a Grand Cherokee for a year. In the winter it was a nightmare. I live in a snowy climate and I was a dirty wet mess after breaking down my chair and putting it in the vehicle. I love that part of having a van, and I also love that when it's raining I don't have any worries. Of course the cost is typically much higher, so that's a huge consideration. But if you're in a state where vocational rehab will help cover the costs, and you're working or pursuing work, I would lean towards the van.

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    I've always had a van(post sci, wasn't even on the horizon pre-sci), but have transferred into friends/family cars, the van is way easier.

    You learn to park with the ramp facing uphill, this minimizes the angle even more, the roll in from there is child's play. The transfer from chair to 6way power base on the driver seat is about as level as you can get, it has up/down to be pretty even with your chair.

    So you wind up with an easy roll in angle and a level transfer, doesn't get much easier than that for saving shoulders. But it is still a minivan, gotta get over the "WTF am I doing in a minivan?" feeling.
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    I got a minivan in 2004, and have never looked back. McDuff's suggestions are all spot on. Even if I have to wheel up a steep angle on the ramp, I find I am using triceps much more than shoulders.
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    On the flip might actually fit in a car, I'm too tall for a minivan (even dropped floor)...not sure how tall you are. A car is like 1/2 the price of a van, and less of clanky rustbucket. And less PITA to get into in places like parking lots, etc. Bunch more reliable too in the entry/exit department

    I'd say just get a nice long transfer board to ease the shoulder effort and get the Challenger (but I'm biased )

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    If you're concerned about the steepness of a minivan, you might want to look at full size vans with chair lifts. Ditto on previous remarks, there's nothing easier in terms of speed, convenience and easy on the body than a van. Parking is usually not a big deal unless you live in a big city. Look at craigslist, if you're patient you'll find a good deal. I bought an '07 Chrysler Town & Country, less than 60k miles, with a lowered floor and ramp for less than $13k. I'm putting in hand controls I found on craigslist and a powered seat base from my old van with help from friends. I refuse to pay $50k plus on a new van.

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    My wife uses the ZX-1 in concert w full sized van w platform lift. The combination works very well for her. There is enough room in the van to just drop the ZX-1 in rear of van and leave van using just manual chair. Recently, we were at our mobility dealer and he became intrigued w ZX-1 for use by people who had difficulty getting up steep minivan ramps. He had her try going up ramp w ZX-1 - very easy. It seemed like there was just enough room in rear of minivan that my wife could have dropped ZX-1 and left it in minivan had she wanted too. If your shoulders are hurting but you still want a manual chair, the ZX-1 with either minivan or full sized van could be a good choice.

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    Have you tried to get your chair in a Challenger? i went car shopping last year and figured I'd have to take a Sawsall to most of them to get my chair in. Everyone seems to be big into giant center consuls. Roofs are low and wide entry sills. I bought an old Hyundai Accent to find something that fit and I don't care if I beat it to death with my chair.

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    Let me pull out the hard sell, lol.

    I clock roughly 1:15 for each entry/egress, with bumbling around included.

    (man I look like a retard, lol).


    5:25 find the guy who thoughtlessly parked five feet away from you but you still cant get on the ramp
    3:45 beat on the questionable mechanics to get that thing to deploy the ramp
    2:00 wait for ramp to deploy and retract
    250:00 wait for the towtruck to give you a jump after the questionable conversion kills the battery

    Ok, I might be exaggerating, but something to think about

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