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Thread: Need your help, let's reach legislators get funding too the cure to help

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    Need your help, let's reach legislators get funding too the cure to help

    Hi all, I am in fact Jim's wife writing asking you for your opinions and resources.. I have a few governmental friends and they suggested we put something's together to reach out for funds. One thing that was brought to my attention is the fact that for so long much research is never taken to human trials and spent in the lab on mice.. My idea is we compose a pile of facts to get Wise the funds he needs and those who have actually brought trials to humans and have proven facts.. any information you can provide will be helpful I will compile what we have and do what I can to reach our officials that decide where funds are spent. I believe to so many the money goes to those who enjoy science, I as an engineer know the passion of science but this is not fixing the problem, so many of us can see results in humans and yet so many of you wait for the cure tied up in legislation and lack of funding.. I want to make a difference the unfortunate part is I do not have endless hours to spend researching the facts.. What I need to plead this case is the following: Why are these scientist's given money year after year and no results and no human trials? Facts about what is spent in spinal cord research compared to other diseases.. anything that you think would touch someone who has no clue what it is like to be affected with a spinal cord injury. I will in fact do my part and deliver what we can gather to the connections I have but like I said it must be factual and I will check and most importantly I want to be able to move this to being available. I tire of reading of people who go over seas and see results and wonder why are we not at least offering some of this to our own community.

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    We just got $30 million added from the fed's here!

    I agree with you that research needs to be taken out of the lab. I'd like to see low interest loans open for start up and existing companies that are interested in starting clinical trials to advance medical research. "Lab to Industry"

    Also, if we can get SCI on the NIH's Priority Disease list it would increase funding and expedite research in our field.

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    Sign this petition to get a cure faster! We need 100,000 by August 27th to get a response from the White House.

    Support a Spinal Cord Regeneration Initiative Project
    Restoration of the damaged spinal cord will improve the lives of more than 5.5 million people in the USA living with Spinal Cord Injuries, MS, ALS, and others suffering from neurological problems. This a humanitarian cause, could reduce federal healthcare costs over $10 billion/ year, and increase the work force.

    We ask the President and Congress to:

    -Increase federal funding for restorative medical research on the chronically damaged spinal cord, proportional to achieving a goal to provide substantial functional treatments and recovery available within the next 2-10 years;

    -Expand physical therapy and fitness access to those living with a Spinal Cord Disease to improve and maintain health;

    -Create a commission of representatives from this community to advise and enact this action.

    Created: Jul 28, 2014

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