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Thread: IBOT Batteries (Tampa Bay Area)

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    IBOT Batteries (Tampa Bay Area)

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone in the Tampa Bay area would be willing to lend me their IBOT batteries July 5th to the 10th. My wife wants to renew our vows in Key West on the beach. I don't trust my batteries.
    Thank you,

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    Have you ever explored if it's possible to recondition those batteries? You might want to checkout: the guy whose site it is is very knowledgeable about batteries, as well as others who contribute. Good luck.

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    Yes I have but the turn around time is too long.
    Thank you though

    FYI: There are two batteries each with 168 sub-c nicads
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    Their batteries may be worse off than yours. Are yours dying early or? New batteries can be delivered in a very short timeframe. For myself, I'd be concerned about using used batteries from someone else and the IBOT getting thru the flight with no damage. Have you charged up the batteries and drive it all day to see how long they last?

    I hear you on the concern of something breaking down or not operating while in a foreign country. I Had an axle break in Mexico; Was a hassle but luckily it was in the days when axles were just a bolt thru the wheel with a nut on the other end. Finding one was a pain. I carry a spare axle and tube when traveling since then.

    Congrats on renewing the vows. For my beautiful wife and I, it made our commitment that much more meaningful. We're lucky men for sure!
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    My batteries don't last a half day. We want to renew our vows on the beach so that uses more power. I'm not flying, I live in the Tampa Bay area so I'll be driving.

    Also, Ibot does not make the batteries anymore. There is an aftermarket company that rebuilds them for you but it'll take too long.

    So I opened one up and low and behold - 168 sub-c NiCad batteries wired in series....... interesting

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