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Thread: gloves/wrist brace for quads

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    gloves/wrist brace for quads

    I have recently started working out with dumbbells again. In my left hand, I have decent grip and good wrist flexion and extension so i can hold the weights pretty stable for a variety of exercises. The problem comes with my right hand. I have almost no grip and even less wrist flexion. I have ok wrist extension which gives me somewhat of a grip (via tenodisis), but this makes for a very unstable grasp of the weight and on top of that, it gets quite painful when weight of the dumbell pulls my wrist into full (if not hyper) extension... for example: when trying to do a bicep curl.

    At first I thought something that just locked my hand/wrist in place would do the trick, but then I realized that with no wrist extension, I would pretty much lose my grip in that hand.

    Does anyone know of any kind of glove or brace/support that will keep my wrist/hand pretty much neutral (or even possibly in slight flexion) and also have some way of allowing me to grip the bar? i do have this leather glove-type thing that wraps around the bar, is fed through a buckle and then velcros tightly to itself. I suppose this works well enough for the grip part, but it does not prevent any of the wrist extension.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Hi Dave, would this quad glove help?

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    I have wrist/forearm/hand splints meant to be worn at night. These are custom, made from molds of my hands/wrists/forearms and utilize Velcro for attaching to my upper limbs. When I want to workout at home, I use the splints and extra long lengths of Velcro to attach hand weights to the splints and thus to me. It works. I have also used hand weights meant to go around the back of the hand and inside the palm. Due to tendon transfers, I have a usable fist on the one arm. It allows the weight to stay in the fist if the weight is not very heavy. I have some grip on the other even though it's more spasm-y and has tremors if fatigued much at all.

    For a single bar weight meant to be held with both hands, leather quad gloves don't work well for me. The single bar meant for both hands just doesn't work well for me as one arm is much shorter than the other. If I'm using adaptive equipment like one of the SCI Fit machines, I have better luck with the quad gloves. If you are still in Denver, do you have access to the adaptive exercise equipment/gym at Craig? The SCI Fit machines seem to provide a great overall workout providing not only cardio exercise for me, but enough resistance to strengthen my muscles.

    Hope you find what works better for you.
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    I used these for years, they're not cheap but working great for for heavy (50 lbs) dumb-bells.

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    I think what I currently have are quite similar to what tprewitt and JMS suggested. My problem is not the actual grip - although I'm not quite up to 50 pounders yet, I'm quite certain this would allow me to keep a hold of it. My bigger problem is keeping my wrist/hand in a neutral position (or at least not in extreme extension). I almost think that using one of those braces that bowlers (or something similar) used in combination with my current glove would do the trick.

    LaMemChose - the SCI Fit Equipment at Craig's PEAK Center is absolutely awesome and completely eliminates the need for what I'm trying to track down here. I'm kind of taking a break from them now... trying to get quicker workouts done at home... and for me, there's definitely some value in working with free weights as you're forced to engage your core/trunk during most exercises.

    Thanks again for the suggestions. Keep 'em coming if anyone else has any other ideas. I'll update this post if I manage to get anything figured out.


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