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Thread: marijuana for chronic pain

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    I'm sitting here this morning "medicating" with hash oil after waking up so I can do the day and try to keep up with life. I use MMJ all day everyday and keep myself at a very high level of THC. It has been working for me for approximately 9 months and I rarely even get high or stoned anymore. I spent the better part of 4 years in the worse pain I could imagine and all the while high out of my head on pharmaceutical opiates. Now with MMJ, ZERO pain meds.
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    I have mixed results with medical marijuana. It's helped my back pain, but nerve pain, not so much. Sometimes it will simply change the nerve pain, say, from a broad-area, fiery sensation to a more localized, sharper one. Not better, just different.

    Like many drugs, one of the main ways it works is that it makes you not care about the pain as much. Pain and the emotional reaction to pain are two different things, and for me, marijuana is the sledgehammer that knocks my focus away from the pain. Yeah, it's not so great for work, though. I'm actually in the process of quitting MMJ because of motivational issues. Pain medications are working only if they do two things: relieve your pain AND help you function at a higher level. MMJ may relieve my pain, but I am functioning at too low a level for me to consider it worth it.

    Others swear by it and believe me, the speed at which at works, and the efficacy, can be amazing; you feel like night and day. So, I'd vote for your friend to at least try it. In order to get pain under control we sometimes have to throw out a wide net.

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    Vaping cannabis has gotten me through 20 years of being a quad. Pharmaceuticals make me high and a real jerk to be around. Marijauna greatly improves my overall quality of life. It doesn't make me lazy... Some people are just lazy-
    best medicine for me!!!

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    Buckwild ...It doesn't make me lazy... Some people are just lazy-

    Seriously WTF had you left that out it would have been contributory, but you've really "dissed" some folk who struggle with unimaginable pain, that thankfully you seem not to have experienced based on your comments.

    I'm glad it has helped you


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    Sorry, should have replied to the comment above mine... About being unmotivated-(lazy)
    No offense was meant to anyone...
    Should have chose my words more carefully

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    I can't speak on the pill, but if he's going to try marijuana for pain, he would be better off smoking it than vaporizing it.

    The chemical in marijuana which gives you the "head high" is THC. Another, CBD, is responsible for the body buzz. CBD's effects are what would help with pain.

    The problem he would have is that THC burns at a much lower temperature than CBD. Vaporizers take advantage of this fact and only heat high enough to burn the THC. Thus, you don't get many effects of the CBDs. That's not to say you won't get any, but it very well may not be enough to rid himself of pain for any length of time.

    Also, the type of marijuana affects this. There are two main types: Sativa and Indica. Sativas are more THC dominate, while Indicas are more CBD dominate. If you smoke a Sativa, you get more of a "functional" head high. If you smoke an Indica, you get the body buzz where you just want to sit around and laugh with your friends.

    There are countless numbers of strains of Sativas and Indicas, each with a different percentage of THC/CBD in them.

    All of those things would need to be taken into consideration if you were going to give it marijuana a legitimate chance. If you're interested, you can visit Leafly -- a website which describes and rates the medicinal attributes of differet strains of marijuana. You can search by symptom, and also read reviews.

    Good luck to your friend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by User Name View Post
    ...Sativas are more THC dominate, while Indicas are more CBD dominate. If you smoke a Sativa, you get more of a "functional" head high. If you smoke an Indica, you get the body buzz where you just want to sit around and laugh with your friends....

    this is not true. think about it, CBD is non-psychoactive and THC is. CBD doesn't get you high and imo this is the reason the conservative public can accept Medical Cannabis bills that only allow cbd meds.

    I would also advocate for a non-smoked method of ingestion, vaping included.

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    there are many links to reports on the various medicinal compounds in Cannabis.

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    *Edit: Rick, we are in agreement that CBDs would help him the most. I don't want to derail the thread.
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    Not that this has *anything* to do with the last few posts on this thread, but this american life on NPR had a really good vignette called "A little bit of knowledge" and a new term I had not heard before called "Modern Jackass" (which is not meant to refer anyone on this thread)

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