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Thread: marijuana for chronic pain

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    marijuana for chronic pain

    My friend recently suffered a lower spine complete SCI. He has no sensation in his legs. However he does feel a great deal of pain in his legs. It's central neuropathic pain, not real pain originating in the legs. It's pretty severe and seems to be increasing.

    Has anyone tried Marinol? Also, New York is about to legalize vaporized cannabis. Can that be helpful? Which is better: the pill or vaping?

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    Did your friend use marijuana before the accident? Marinol has been proven to help nausea and vomiting as well as increasing appetite. The studies on pain relief are still questionable, some say it made it worse, others say it helped. Apparently it depends on the person. Vaping is immediate, the pill takes longer.

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    Recommend Gabapentin or Pregabalin(Lyrica).
    He needs to be evaluated by an MD. Increased tone can also cause pain and Baclofen or Tizanidine might help.
    Sometimes irritated nerves and Naproxen 500 mg twice a day is worth trying.

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    He's on pain meds now, however I'm not sure what exactly. It's something which can become addictive however.

    He's never tried pot before. I keep hearing about medicinal marijuana as an analgesic. I'm not sure how effective it is however.

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    FWIW I have tried Dronabinol (Marinol) with zero efficacy. I have also worked through several strains while in CA for both pain and spasticity. Pain zero, Spasticity zero. Speaking with several other pain friends we have had the same results, disappointing.
    I'm sure it depends on the type of pain as well.

    You mentioned Central Neuropathic Pain a topic unto itself. Actual CP vs regional syndromes and neuropathic pains are different. I go to Beth Israel in NYC with a very large Pain and Palliative care group and am the only diagnosed CP they have. Many regionals, failed backs, various neuropathics, RA's Fibromyalgia, and I really hope you are not talking actual CP by the old definition. Seems they consolidated a few pain groups into CP but they respond quite differently and respond much better to treatments then traditional CP. the first posting is a Central Pain patient as opposed to some of the other "Central Pain" diagnosis. It is not pretty. Based on your description I think, and hope, you are describing basic neuropathic pain.

    SCI-Nurse deserves her Super Moderator title and I see more success among my clinic's fellow patients with her recommended drugs. I have an IT Baclofen pump with Clonodine added. I am in CT now and my Legal License is due now and I'll continue to look at the different strains but not hopeful.

    Where is he located?

    Good luck.



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    while recommending all these meds don't forget to say that the side effects of these meds usually out weigh the reward.. if there is a reward at all... at best these meds will only work on a scale of 1 to 10 3.32 % and they work by slowing down the neuroplasticity which over time does not recover..

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    I am a low level para also and marijuana does nothing for my pain and at times has made it worse. I agree with the comments above, the benefits seem to be around nausea and digestion, not pain.

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    It's the only thing I use for neuropathic pain, was on gabapentin , then lyrica and then weined myself off these a couple years back. It took me about 4-5 months to increase my tolerance enough to allow me to quit the other meds, I vape enough to make pain tolerable but not enough to get stoned and fall during transfers, certain strains work better and I experiment with combinations of different strains.


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    the problem with Cannabis as medicine is there are no standard dosing amount due to the vast differences in the genetics represented in Cannabis and compound that with most only worried about the in-demand or most profitable bud to sell.

    are canna meds tested to determine the cannabinoid or terepene profile so the patient can determine what works best for them? few but they all will list the TCH / CBD % by weight as to entice those wanting to get high.

    Isreal is and has done clinical research on the medicinal benefits of Cannabis so there may be a lot of valuable info if anyone wants to dig it up plus GW Pharmaceutical has a great deal of info regarding Cannabis and medicinal benefits.

    maybe one day the dea will get out of the way and facts regarding the medicinal benefits of Cannabis can be freely discussed between patient and their doctors.

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    the DEA wont step out of the infear for the pharmaceudical companies would lose money that's all built on their lies..

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