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    Freezing hands

    Hello. I too suffer from freezing cold hands often where it 80-100 degrees outside in Florida with.humidity. 3 years ago I suffered a fall at work where a washer, dryer and dolly fell on me. I currently suffer from syringomyelia and bulging discs from t1-t12. The syringomyelia is what.causes my freezing cold hands and with certain medications I get numbness there. If she has had an mri please inform us. Typically with my disease especially it.can be caused by trauma to the Spinal cord as well as birth. I know that c-t8 effects hands. I hope my personal.experience was helpful. Brandan Taylor

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    I had what you describe and having my right arm below the elbow or that hand rest on a hard surface made it worse. Mine started about 3 weeks after injury and disappeared after my right hand developed a fixed contracture. If there is no sign of contracting than I agree with those above and she needs to discuss neuropathic pain with her SCI doctor or a pain specialist. I did have several EMGs over the first 3 years and my problem was all spinal.
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