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Thread: what is your favorite commercial antivirus software?

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    what is your favorite commercial antivirus software?

    I'm done using the freeware antivirus versions. They have worked fine up to recently, but times change. Two recent downloads from different vendors delivered malware from hell to my other computer. A program that can be used on more than one personal computer would be ideal. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I like Webroot.

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    I agree with TomRL, Webroot.

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    webroot here too
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    Norton 360. Been using Norton probably 15 years or longer. Pretty much since it was invented. Also was what was used where I worked.

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    Eset Smart Security

    I'm an user Linux. No virus, no antivirus...

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    microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes also use ccleaner
    malwarebytes works really good, saved systems after infection in safe-mode with out having to format the hdd and reinstall the os.
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    Quote Originally Posted by russianboss View Post
    microsoft security essentials .
    +1. Seems to do the trick

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    "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" and "AVG antivirus" can cleanup all kind of virus.


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