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Thread: some pleas from a home health aide to patients and their families

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    A good example is your taking issue with being requested to give your ward some "fresh air", what is being asked is not to put them in a wind tunnel or even to actually take them outside but to provide some human interaction instead of having them just stare at a TV all day.
    If you're is not brain damaged so badly that you cannot read at an adult level, I said "fresh air" not "socializing" and I said "even when the patient doesn't want it or objects to it".

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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    Courts don't make decisions based on statistics.
    Here's how it works: unless the parents reach some different agreement privately, pre-teens live with Mom. Teens live where they want. Very seldom are their exceptions. Talk to a divorce lawyer.

    It's a cultural thing. In Islamic countries, the father always get the children.

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    Just read other comments by OP. Deleted my original post.
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