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Thread: How/Where can you buy a used tennis wheelchair?

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    How/Where can you buy a used tennis wheelchair?

    My husband has a T4 injury and is looking to start playing tennis. Does anyone know where you can buy a used one?

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    I have one which may or may not fit and is in Seattle. 15 front 17 rear by 16 inch deep seat, seat to footrest 15.5 adjustable. No cost but you have to come to get it, have 26 inch wheels, needs special tires and tubes to be legal height.
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    If you can't find a used tennis wheelchair, I'd suggest looking into applying for a grant through "The Challenged Athletes Foundation" (or "CAF").. This past year has already closed, but the 2015 application window opens on September 1st, 2015.. Here is a link to the CAF page info.. Of all non-profits that offer grnats for disabled sports equipment, CAF actually gets the equipment in the hands of athletes! Last year, they actually extended the deadline date, email blasting people to send in more applications. It's really an awesome organization. Send me a message if you have any questions, as I'm familiar with the people over at CAF.
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