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Thread: Any wheelchair ramp/lift cabs in myrtle beach??

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    Any wheelchair ramp/lift cabs in myrtle beach??

    I have called 5 companies and nobody has one!! Anybody have any info/experience getting a ramp van/taxi?? Im flying into airport and need a ramp van to my parents house down in pawleys island.

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    Thanks for trying but, I exhausted google, and called all of those prior to posting. The word is.. "No, there is not a single cab with a ramp or lift operating in myrtle beach"... I called multiple companies, I called the airport, the guy didnt know much- told me to call Chamber of Commerce. I did, They told me to call the bus co. only thing that has a ramp. I knew a bus wouldnt work.. what, they gonna drop me off on the main road with my wife, kids, luggage... I know a bus isn't going to go into the golf course where my parents live.. The bus co told me to call the Horry County Council and complain..not what I need at moment but called anyway. The lady put me on hold and called somone at the airport. She told me she or someone wouldd call me back. 20 min later the Director of Myrtle Beach International Airport called me. Told me he was going to go to the cab co's that run out of airport and get info, make calls, whatever, that he would find me transportation somehow. That it was also needed to do for future info. He supposed to call me tomorrow,, We will see what happens..... Total bullshit, that a place like that doesnt have ramp/lift taxis, its not the middle of nowhere

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    Have you contacted the Independent Living Center in the area?


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