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Thread: Toenails falling off

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    Toenails falling off

    About 9 months ago, I was cutting Chad's toenails and when I cut his big toenail, the entire thing came out in my hand. It was barely attached - I certainly didn't yank at it, and I didn't do anything differently than the past 11 years I've been cutting his toenails. Then today, I took his shoe off and his sock was bloody. The toenail on the toe next to the big toe that the toenail fell off of it had fallen off too!!! What the heck is going on? Is this a circulation issue? Is this common? Chad is really worried. Should we be?
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    We see this quite a bit in people with SCI. I would suggest that he see a podiatrist to be sure that there is nothing treatable causing this. Wearing a different shoe (such as diabetic shoes) may help with this some.


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