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Thread: "Roho product trial"

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    Question "Roho product trial"

    Anybody else get an email about participating in the trial of a Roho "product"? I've done surveys before for an amazon gift card, but am unsure about this "trial" as it doesn't say what the product is. You just "click here" to participate. Just wondering what's involved if anyone has signed up and can give a clue what it's about. Thanks!

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    I did and signed up. I've participated in several surveys recently about a new product they're working on so I have an idea, but not 100% sure.

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    I got one too so I signed up as well. Sounds like to me they have a new concept they want some users to try before bringing it to the public surface. I do not think it is something to be wary about.
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    Thanks Davey and wheeliecoach for responding! Think I'll sign up too if it's not too late. You've encouraged me.

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    I avoid all click here e-mails like the plague. I worry about malware.

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