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Thread: need a good shower/commode chair

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    need a good shower/commode chair

    I've been using an E & J shower/commode for years with no skin problems. I need to get a new one cause my E & J is in bad shape and they no longer make the E & J. I need some input on a new and safe shower/commode chair.


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    Checkout both Raz Designs and ActiveAid. You may also want to check out Nuprodx if you need something for travel.


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    I switched from an E&J to a Raz 3 or 4 years ago. It took me about a week to get used the differences (I HATED it the first day). I'm really happy with how well the Raz is built, and it feels like it will last forever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Checkout both Raz Designs and ActiveAid. You may also want to check out Nuprodx if you need something for travel.
    (KLD) we go again; How about the GO! Mobility Solutions' GO-Anywhere Chairs. I'm a c5-6 quad, the inventor and an everyday user. They work great at-home AND for travel. Website is
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    Can someone comment on the quality of the cushion on one Vs the other? I need to buy one as well but have bad nerve pain and cannot sit on anything without good padding. Right now I am using a thick cushioned seat that attaches to the toilet.
    Hope this is not a hijack, it seems like a progression of the OP's question to me. If so, I apologize.

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    They all have decent cushions. You can also get a Roho cushion to add to any of these for additional pressure reduction.


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    My husband had good results using a Stimulite Silver Cushion on his hard shower chair. Unfortunately, we recently got a new shower chair with good padding, but it is actually less comfortable than the hard chair bottom with the Stimulite cushion. Because of the contours in the cushion and seat height, we can not use the Stimulite cushion. I think if we could do a "do over" we would get a hard chair bottom with a Stimulite Smart Cushion. I've not heard of many using them in the shower, but we thought it worked great. If you go for one of their thicker cushions, I would reommend an XS version that is softer for use without a cover. I think the Smart Cushion already has that.
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    I'm looking at portable, self propelled shower chairs; I can't help but wonder why the armrests don't have a connection to the front of the seat. It seems like my legs will fall off the cushion if nothing is there to prevent that. Specifically the Go anywhere chairs and nuprodx chairs.

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