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Thread: Amy Van Dyken: former Olympian suffered spinal injury.

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    sadly I think it is the latter, that I think we all went through


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    I was clueless the first year too. Didn't we all think we would walk in a year? I'm afraid it will hit her too.

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    I actually did walk in a year, not like before, but I don't use a chair and haven't in 16 years, but my injury was not nearly like her injury. It IS, and WAS a hard ass road, despite the fact that I can walk. Everyone thinks their injury is the worst no matter what you get back or don't get back.

    I think it will hit her too, but she maintains for the public, I'm sure in private she has her struggles. I just think of the pain that lies ahead of her and the bowel stuff, it's just awful when I hear someone got a SCI, it's like a curse, the worst club to ever belong to. Just my opinion.
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    I can't tell if she accepts her new condition. She admits to being paralyzed. She says it sucks. She says she is happy to be alive. All she knows is winning. She could raise tens of millions of dollars for SCI research. What will she do next?
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    The one "good" thing about someone who is known having a SCI is because it brings attention to it, people remember that this shit actually happens to people and that something should be done about it.

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    I am not sure anyone with a new SCI, celebrity or not, "accepts" their SCI, especially this early. I think "acceptance" is a concept developed by health care providers that makes them feel superior to and parental over the patient. I hear ICU staff very glib in their judgement that the patient hasn't yet "accepted" their injury (is maintaining hope) and I always want to say to them "I bet YOU wouldn't be "accepting it" either if you were in their place"!

    Even full understanding of the significance of the injury, and its permanence (at least for now) is something that comes only after you have gone home from rehab and starting learning to live life within the limitations of your individual impairment. Emotionally dealing with this, learning to cope, and adjust your life is what needs to occur, and this takes a good amount of time...for many at least 2-5 years.


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    We have a local "celeb treated" para who "accepts" her injury as being part of "God's plan." As such she must soldier on. She seems to be doing well for someone who is less than a year post injury and is regularly in the public eye. To me, "understanding" one's disability and "effectively coping" are more meaningful terms.

    Circumstances can have an impact too. A few years ago there was a gifted SC high school baseball player who broke his neck sliding into second base and became a C 7 complete quad. He did not blink and almost from day one he moved on as rapidly as his medical status permitted. He was back in class with his halo cast. He became an SCI with a complete understanding of his injury because his best friend was a para for a few years. He had helped his friend cope with his injury from day one and was primed to move on. Instead of becoming a professional baseball player he quickly revised his goal and became a teacher and assistant baseball coach.
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    Well congrats to him, my attitude is totally opposite of that. "God's plan" makes me want to throw things. Good for them though.

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    Did anyone see the CBS story they did on Amy this morning? I think it is great that she has a positive attitude, but saying it is fun being in a wheelchair that is taking it a little to far in my book.

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