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Thread: Accessible 4x4 IH Scout II - quad & para functional!

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    Accessible 4x4 IH Scout II - quad & para functional!

    Hey guys. Long time, hope you're all well. After 18yrs I'm selling my fully-accessible (C6 and below) hand controlled, 1977 IH Scout II. Beautiful truck, fully customized, bumper to bumper restoration. Too many goodies to mention here, just know that I am a C6-7 quad, 14yrs post. I've invested over $25,000 into this truck. It would cost $40,000k to build something remotely similar. This truck is turn-key ready and bad-ass. Photos available for serious buyers. Perfect 4x4 for fishing, hunting, great outdoors, wounded warrior, PVA vet, etc. Call or write for more details: Chris Chappell 720-287-3334 or

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    Can you email me pics
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