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Thread: the kitty got ugly today

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    the kitty got ugly today

    Raging pain day, puking bad, haven't kept anything down.

    Had to do a chore, drove in the pissing down rain to the store where the handicapped spots had contractor's trucks in ALL the HC spots. Asked one to move and he said he would in a while when he was done. I showed him my tag said he'd try to hurry. WTF???

    I drove to the other side of the lot and called the police. Dispatch said they'd send a car immediately to ticket them. When he came I went over and the officer said he'd tell them not to park there anymore and have them move give them a warning.

    I went fucking ballistic said fucking ticket him and called dispatch while he warned ME to calm down. WTF 2x!! Dispatch called him and he gave me a nasty look and ticketed all of them. they gave me a look. I told them to fuck off too. One got so pissed he started to come over and the cop stopped him????? and did nothing else???? got his badge and left and called dispatch who put me through to the watch commander. He'll be spoken to. but ruined a shit day even more. I'm sooo fucking tired of this shit and this life and asshole ABs who do this shit.

    just a rant to people who actually get it.


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    Maybe when they pay some tickets they'll remember to stay the hell away. Good job Mr. Kitty.
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    I don't drive anymore...but when I did, I'd just park behind them and block them in...and maybe part of the driveway. Couple more feet for me to wheel, but so rewarding when I'd come back an hour or two later and find them waiting.

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    I wish you still had the ability to smash that Dirtbag that was approaching you, real tough guy.

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    Good job kit!! I get it all the time here too. Maybe they will get the clue when they have to pay thousands in fines and tow charges. Here in ny they also tow the car well as give a ticket. I remember 1 time actually i had 3 cars towed and ticketed in 1 phone call it was actually quite funny.
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    You done goooood!
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    Nice job sticking with it Kitty. They'll never learn unless they start getting tickets and are called out on this kind of bullshit.

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    Yeah, eff them.
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    I used to drive a van but got tired of people at work (local courthouse) parking in the blue unload zone of HC spaces.......I had to call cops countless times to get in my van and move it so I can get in and they never wrote a ticket......only warnings.

    I drive a car now and park in regular spaces to avoid that stuff.

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