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Thread: Facebook and racism...a reality check

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    Facebook and racism...a reality check

    Last week i joined facebook on the advice of my brother to possibly further my work opportunities and because all my old buddies are hitting up my bro as to what im up to. All up it aint bad BUT.

    From what I am gathering my brother's newish girlfriend is somewhat of a racist and worst a staunch british nationalist (she's not british...her friggin parents were). She actually posts stuff by the nationalist action party!!! like what the fuck is she playing at?...those guys are front and centre with some of the big euro neo nazi parties etc. She dislikes muslims, is a massive active believer in the death penalty and floods my news feed with anti pedophile stuff.
    I detest and loath pedophiles but, im not a frikkin vigilante!.

    Fuck, what the hell in all that is holy is going on in her head. We all initially felt great happiness that my brother finally ditched his stick in the mud ex and took up with the great bundle of energy little blonde hes now with...but shit the question has to be asked is she a card carrying red neck racist?

    I am going to have to block her!
    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.

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    funny thing is I also saw these same people yesterday put up posts about how disgusting racism is??? huh wtf?...but now I get racism even more...some of us have it so ingrained we dont even know we're being racist!! WOW
    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.

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    I'm amazed what people that I thought were reasonable are posting (or re-posting) on FB. Maybe people are getting subliminal messages?
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    I simply can't tolerate people who don't tolerate other people!

    Wait, what?

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    Yep, I am a bigot because I hate bigots. I give one warning and then boot old friends who think that it's ok now for some reason.
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    So let me get this strait she's racist a bigot or whatever you want to call her(really could care less because I believe in freedom of speech no matter what race or color you are.) Yet you call her a card carrying red-neck. What does that make you? You want her to respect everyone else's views and opinions yet you don't respect hers. I believe in calling a spade a spade and respect that no matter who's card your calling. Just sounds a whole lot like the pot & kettle scenario. Jmo

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    Unfortunately the far right parties in the UK make a lot of noise and attract a lot of publicity, fortunately nobody ever votes for them!

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    I don't think most people would consider "red neck" a racist epitaph since one of any race can have a red neck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Rolfe View Post
    I don't think most people would consider "red neck" a racist epitaph since one of any race can have a red neck.
    Hrm. I had a wet back when I got out of the shower this morning. I think your logic has a tad bit of a flaw.

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    Ok, there could be a case for calling "redneck" a racist term. Ok, I guess it is and I apologise wholeheartedly.

    back to the thing, I guess I'm actually talking about how shocked I was that she'd be so full on about it....there was one post that contended that A certain religion encourage the rape their that's just nasty and a stupidly ugly thing to say snt it? By any measure it's just weird.

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    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.

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