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Thread: Socks for SCI folks

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    I was wearing CEP sport stockings from These things removed all of the fluid buildup. Once fluid was gone, I was able to slowly start doing things. They have all kinds of stockings. They are not easy to put on or take off. They did not wear out.

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    So, what is the answer? Avoid pressure spots that compression socks can cause or don't worry about the swelling and just wear diabetic or normal socks? Or do those of you that stopped using compression socks have a solution to the swelling?

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    When compression stockings don't provide swelling reduction I like to recommend circ-aids they are wraps that have Velcro and you can adjust the pressure

    I have a a patient who is also a diabetic and kept getting wounds on legs/ feet switched to circ aids and uses hibiclens to keep legs clean and he has no swelling and reduced the number of infections on legs


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