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Thread: Broken wrist?

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    Broken wrist?

    Don't really think its broken but it hurts a lot when I put any pressure on it and sometimes just any movement. A therapist looked at it a fee weeks ago. She said something about space separation of joints, I think. Flexion and extension of my hand can become very painful. Its been for a few weeks, going away, then coming back when putting any pressure on it. Its come back now, but not really going away.

    I figured going to primary care physician they would just send me somewhere else. Anyone know who I should go and see? No mobility with it like this. Sucks

    Please help.

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    Orthopaedic guy may be a good start
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smashms View Post
    Orthopaedic guy may be a good start
    One that can xray and set/cast it n the same center.
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    Agree with sue with her suggestion! Although i would think most would be able to do that anyway.
    T6 Incomplete due to a Spinal cord infarction July 2009

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    If you haven't had it x-rayed that would be the first thing to do. Otherwise we're all guessing as to what the problem is


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