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Thread: Driving from wheelchair

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    Driving from wheelchair

    After almost 11 years post, I have never driven from my wheelchair. I like the feeling of transfering to a regular seat to drive. But I am considering an SVM mobility truck and that has to be driven from the chair. The all terrain conversion appears to lend itself better to a transfer, but I have read too many negative things about that outfit.My ideal ride would be a truck that allows me to transfer from the inside while still retaining two rear seats. Anyways, since i have not found something like that, I would like to know:How does it feel to drive from the wheelchair?How does it compare in safety to the standard seats?Does it feel "loose" like a wheelchair feels, normally there is some give to the axels.Anything else I should know?This may have been asked before, so I am thankful for your responses.
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    Its going to come down to how comfortable your wheelchair is and how well your fit to your vehicle.

    First is your wheelchair seat (i've seen lots of really cool seats on wheelchairs) some similar to a factory seat in a truck or mini van where your just as or more comfortable than you would be in the oem seat.

    Next would be fitting you and your wheelchair to the driving position.

    Depending on the wheelchair and someones specific driving conditions i know how to take the wobble out.

    Some wheelchairs and specific applications can be tough and take a little bit of time to dial in.

    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA

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    Thanks,Jim.,,it is a manual rigid wheelchair with a stimulite cushion. I dont usually feel comfortable in the wheelchair, on every set up that I have tried.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    Quote Originally Posted by paramoto View Post
    My ideal ride would be a truck that allows me to transfer from the inside while still retaining two rear seats.
    Maybe a Mega Cab from Ryno. I'd imagine a transfer seat could be installed in one.

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    Not to hijack the thread, but is anyone doing SUV conversions right now? I thought I saw an ad in New Mobility magazine about Chevy Tahoe and Suburban conversions, but a Google search is turning up very little. I kind of have the same feelings as you have, paramoto. I really like the feeling of transferring into the regular car feels comfortable. But with the thought of a growing family and hauling around kid's friends, etc....I'm thinking more and more about driving from my wheelchair to save space in the vehicle.

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    If you've got the money, there are some great conversions out there. Depending on the age and the type of truck, you're looking at 60 to over 100 grand. Love to have one if I could.
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    I looked into the truck thing but I could not imagine ever driving from my chair no matter how comfortable it was. There is no way to make a wheelchair feel like a heated leather seat with a high back. I would love the truck or SUV but not at the price of driving from my chair.

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    Mobility SVM does SUV conversions, with the caveat of driving from the wheelchair. The Ryno conversion fr the megacab has the advantage of transfering inside, but I live overseas, and the ramp coming out laterally gives me tye exact same disadvantage that my full size van has, not too many parking spaces available. Plus, I have concerns about durability of the lift hanging out outside like that, out in the open, getting muddy and exposed to everything.

    I have been struggling with pr s and cons for a while. I need this to last me 8 years at least.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    I'm not sure how you'd get inside to transfer w/o a lift of some sort.

    I agree w/ Crash about driving from a chair.

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    I had to make the switch from driving from a car seat to driving from my wheelchair. Driving from a wheelchair is unsettling. Your chair can rock. There is no head support. Depending on how high your back upholstery is, you might feel back strain. If you sit in a wheelchair that is narrow and you don't have long legs, you can pull up close to a steering wheel. If not, you better have long arms.

    I miss the safety of driving from a car seat.

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