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Thread: Ceiling Tract Lift

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    Ceiling Tract Lift

    Which brand do you recommend and are you happy with it? Also any tips on using them?

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    I have been using a Surehands for about 2 years and it is great. It eliminates the need for a conventional sling which is a real problem for using it when in a wheelchair. Mine has been problem free.
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    surehands also.........about 15 years now. Love it. I doubt I would be able to live on my own without it .

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    We had a Surehands sling for my mother, but as her MS advanced, she was no longer able to safely or comfortably use it, so we changed over to a fabric sling by Arjo. The actual track and motor we had was a Barrier Free PC-2 system. I liked having a motor you can move to room to room if you have multiple areas in the home with tracking.

    I have also used Liko, Arjo, and Guldmann lift systems and found them all satisfactory.


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    Do you uses the Body support or a sling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frwheel16 View Post
    Do you uses the Body support or a sling?
    I use the Surehands body support. That is what makes Surehands easy to use. You do not have to struggle putting the sling under the person. If you have ever used a sling while you were sitting in a wheelchair you know that getting under it your butt is a challenge. A lot of users are able to transfer themselves with the Surehands system.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    It is the body support above that we started out with, but as I said, it is not for everyone. When we used a cloth sling (and the ones we have at work on our SCI unit) they are all the hygiene type fabric slings so they do not have to go under your butt, and we do not leave them in place in the wheelchair (bad for your skin).


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    Does it hold you well? Does it take a lot of strength to use it? Have you had any spasms while using it?

    thanks for answering

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    I have not had any slipping or other problems. I have an occasional mild leg spasm and they have not been a problem. Check out this video of a quad using a Surehands.

    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Had my Surehands installed, Works great and I love the body support. Thanks for all your info

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