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Thread: Tracking transplanted cells in humans

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    Tracking transplanted cells in humans

    CLEVELAND, Ohio - An early clinical trial testing the use of a patient's own stem cells to treat, or even reverse, multiple sclerosis has shown some positive results, Cleveland Clinic researchers reported this week.
    "The local team also plans a trial that will track the MSCs after they're injected, which remains an unanswered question within the stem cell field where the cells go, where they migrate to within the body, and whether they survive. The team hopes to label the cells and track them by magnetic resonance imaging.

    Both studies should be underway by next year".

    That is very interesting also for SCI.

    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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    Clinical cell therapy imaging using a perfluorocarbon tracer and fluorine-19 MRI



    These results help to establish a clinically applicable means to track a broad range of cell types used in cell therapy. Magn Reson Med, 2014. ? 2014 The Authors. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of International Society of Medicine in Resonance. This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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