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Thread: Check out the latest Cure Girl's blog

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    Check out the latest Cure Girl's blog

    You can read the latest Cure Girls' blog by clicking here:

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    Sounds awesome!

    Dr. Silver, combinatory treatment etc. this looks really good
    Debating on CareCure is like participating in the special-olympics. You may win, but you're still disabled.

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    If you were to donate some of your money towards some kind of research would it be this? I want to donate but don't have time and energy to research projects that are worthwhile funding.

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    @Void: thanks for your support!
    @Westmaister: Thanks for your question, which I only discover now (sorry for the delay!). I am the founder of the Endparalysis Foundation and I will send you a PM tomorrow to explain what we are doing, how, and why it is worthwhile to donate.
    Kind regards.
    Corinne Jeanmaire

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