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Thread: How many people on here have had kidney stones?

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    How many people on here have had kidney stones?

    I have had stones in both kidneys and bladder. Is it just one of the perks being in a chair or am I just lucky??

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    didn't for 23 years, then the last 2 have had them removed once and they are back within the next year, typical VA, took a year to get the first one's out.......

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    Here is my bladder stone from February of 2012...

    (I can't upload it, so here's a link)

    Bladder Stone

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    bladder stones develop when mineral masses develop from urine that becomes concentrated, sits in the bladder for too long then the urine chemicals clump together.

    here is a bladder stone prevention guide from Craig Hospital


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    I have had kidney stones twice...the second time a week before my wedding. I do not think you are alone in this.
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    I just had one removed in April after getting sepsis because it was blocking urine flo.

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    My son had bladder stones in '09, but nothing since.

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    Do kidney stones normally show on a KUB? I've been having mid back pain for about 8 months now. Had a KUB and UA done 6 months ago because the pain is centered right where the waistband of my NOT cut low jeans is and centered right at the spine there. I've pulled muscles there before from stretching too far down to grab dog toys or laundry but a week of Flexeril and moist heat that has always worked in the past did nothing. I'm an incomplete C6/7 with sensory and non-walking motor and scoliosis that has developed over, mainly, the last 10 years after almost a decade of several hours a day 5 days a week PT. Oh, and I had my neck CT'd and that area of my back xrayed after we were rear ended in 2010. The neck was fine with just a slight fracture of an osteophyte from arthritis and the pain subsided in about a month. The xray showed no vertabrae damage but I had radiating pain and the ER doc could feel the muscles spasm so Flexeril to help get me home as far as the pain. I was followed up by my PCP then and that pain stuck around for a good 6 months. If it's not muscular now and the KUB and UA were negative where do I head from here? Right now oxycodone helps but that stuff makes me either very sleepy or hyper as hell and effects my balance. I need to deal with a few things I can not leave for later right now so any ideas for hit and run tests trying to find or narrow down a cause would be helpful. I have dealt with referred pain before but short of this coming from trying to deal with scoliosis by a new supported back with side supports and a cut down on one side Jay Overfill cushion I'm at a loss on this. I really thought stones but I've never had them before. Thanks!
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    A good place to research kidney stones [nephrolithiasis] is on the following emedicine website:

    Stones may not be visible on a KUB x-ray if your bowels are constipated, you are obese [I am not sure about quad bellies] or are of a certain chemical composition. I have had kidney stones show up on CT scans and on ultrasounds but not show up consistently on KUB's.

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    C6/7 complete, thirty-two years post, no kidney or bladder stones. Over the years, I have managed my bladder with spontaneous urination (condom catheter), intermittent catheterization, and suprapubic catheter.

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