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Thread: Question For Wise Young - New To Forum Due To Dead Brain Tissue From Accident

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    Question For Wise Young - New To Forum Due To Dead Brain Tissue From Accident

    Question For Wise Young:
    I am new to this forum and joined because I recently suffered severe brain damage from an accident specifically to the frontal cortex of my brain. I therefore have extensive damage to a large portion of my prefrontal cortex. I almost was going to post this to the stroke section of the forum since the injury is more like a large stroke in the prefrontal cortex due to the bleeding that lead to dead tissue similar to what happens in a stroke.
    I am new to the field of stem cells and am trying to educate/learn about it on my own. Could anyone by any chance give some information about what type of stem cells/procedure could potentially help with this type of brain damage in the field of stem cells if you have knowledge about stem cells. I guess this would be something to ask Wise Young however since im new I am not familiar about where to ask him this.

    What should I focus on/look for in my research of what potentially could cure this (even if it does not exist now). For example in the beginnings of learning about stem cells it seems like the best bet for a situation like this would be by injecting stem cells into the location of damage/dead tissue or I also heard of injections into the nasal cavity which gets into the cerebral spinal fluid and is supposed to be less invasive??? Any ideas of what I should focus on learning about that could potentially cure this type of damage are so greatly appreciated and I would be very grateful for any information about this or how to go about learning about this.

    For example if something like this were to come around in the near future what should I be researching or looking for in my research? In this field how does the system work? Are there specific companies that I should keep an eye on with their clinical trials or where would I got to get such a cure, a private doctor I guess would be the fastest.
    Or is there already a hypothetical answer to this for example : To fix this it would take your own stem cells injected into the area?

    I am brand new to stem cells and just began learning so I am just trying to see the big picture of what an answer to a situation like this would look like.

    Thank you for your help!


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    In the beginnings of my research I started to read wiki for a general overview. I found an article that seems really interesting out of Korea. Is anyone familiar with this study which seems to have been done a few years ago, were there any follow up tests to see if this worked on others?
    What do you make of this article, since i am new to the field it is difficult to know?

    Your advice/help is greatly appreciated.

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    Any Ideas Appreciated!!!!

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    Here is a website I was sent after looking for answers for something that could improve/aleviate the damage I have. I was told the researchers have had good results with stroke patients regaining degrees of limb movement and that they just need to develop it more:

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