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Thread: What laptop brand do you like?

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    What laptop brand do you like?

    What have you found to be the most reliable.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
    Bob Seger

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    What do you see yourself doing on a new laptop?
    Reliability is relative to the work you are doing.

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    Asus - 15.6" Laptop - Intel Core i3 - 6GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive - Black Model: D550CARS31.
    I don't want a dead LT after 3 years. Asus is ranked 3rd out of 12 for reliability.
    I'll be using this for the internet and movies in bed.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
    Bob Seger

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    My choice would be a 13 inch MacBook Air. Apple lowered the price on the 2014 models by $100.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    Lenovo X1 Carbon
    Damn, we do agree on something...

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    asus and acer preferably with i5, no thrills, around $400-500.
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    What the heck -
    I have an IBM Thinkpad (i.e. Lenovo) T42 that I bought in 2005. After a replacement hard drive went bad recently, I found the original 40 GB HD - re-installed it and loaded UBUNTU version of Linux from a thumbdrive. I still use it as a backup for internet access, plus I use it to develop unix based skills that I need for work. I'm planning on getting up to speed on Ruby.
    If Lenovo still builds these guys like they used to - I would definitely go for that brand again!

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    I prefer business class laptops. Most reliable laptops for me are Panasonic Toughbooks. Full Rugged models best.

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    My youngest brother had an old Sony VAIO (2010) that he doesn't use any I asked if he could send it to me and I would fix it up as a dual booted for Linux work. So a few days later I get a brand new Lennovo G50 Touch thru FedEx!
    He decided to pay me back for past favors. Holy crap!
    Now I have to learn Win 8.1 - mixed blessing.☺

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