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Thread: Use AmazonSmile to Fund SCI Research

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    Quick question. I've been using this site for years and just noticed this thread. I know that Care Cure stays out of fund raising for several reasons. This seems to be a great way to accomplish both. Would there be a problem with my adding a link to this thread and/or a link to the signup page to my signature?

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    Jim, why do we need yet another foundation?
    Do we not know already where to contribute, or do you need the $ by placing yourself an administrator fee?

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    Tim, my family and I started this 100% volunteer foundation many years ago to raise money for research. No one is paid. We had to use my foundation for AmazonSmile because the Rutgers Foundation's 501(c)(3) was already using it.

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    Will do and share!
    I was injured 2 weeks after my 16th birthday on June 14th, 2004. My level of injury is C5 complete, but I can move my wrist.

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