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Thread: Ok it's time to seek help

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    What if they ask me to sign a contract and I say no? Here's the one for my clinic

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    "What if they ask me to sign a contract and I say no?"

    You will not receive prescriptions for narcotic (opioid) medications from that clinic.
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    I personally listen to the injured who have been dealing with this pain for long periods of time & they all say the same thing..meds don't work and their is very little that can be done about this pain.. except learning how to cope with it... and that's no easy task..

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    Yep, if you don't sign the contract you can't get pain meds.

    Not all pain specialists only do meds, and not all pain specialists DO meds. It depends on each specific Dr and clinic what they offer. The best is one who offers a variety of options as opposed to focusing on only one treatment for pain e.g. meds, injections, PT, et all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlmtrhmiles View Post
    I am no doctor, but from what you say here, have not read elsewhere, sounds like a lot of hurting is mental. Not take than ignorantly, because not intended. Have you talked with a doctor about your head and thinking? Separate that from the physical. 1 thing I somehow discovered is I was simply trying to once again do too may things.
    Hum, your response is surprising to me; "sounds like a lot of hurting is mental... Have you talked with a doctor about your head and thinking?"

    Some people, even so called therapists, the mind kind, sometime say the same thing although no one has said this to me.

    But MENTAL? 'My' pain has increased from a 2/3 to 8/9 over the past 20 years and now touches on 10. I've seen every kind of 'professional' regarding burning pain and used at least five types of meds to alleviate this but no luck. Now I use Oxycodone 10/325, Diazepam 10mg - and Ibuprofun 4x, which in combination helps about 20%. but the burning never goes away. This is occasional use, not daily, maybe 3x to 4x a week or so.

    Zantac? Cymbalta /duloxetine - ???

    Could you please explain.
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    Not sure if we are going throuhg the same thing here but it really sounds like it. I can't move at all when I wake up or my body will go bazerk. Slightest movements set it off. When in my chair sometimes throuhgout the day I don't dare try to bend or reach for anything. The absolute only thing that works for me is oxycodone. When I wake up I sit my bed up and take my oxycodone, wait in bed (sitting up always) for an hour for them to kick in. then my muscles are much looser. My next dose 4 hours later has an even better effect on my body. And like you, I don't dare lay down during the day cuz I probably won't want to get back up and deal with it all over again. No matter how long I lay down (as long as it's at least 15 - 20 min) my body gets super stiff and sore. This was so frustrating to deal with, cuz you feel so alone. Nobody else has any idea what kind of agony you are going through. All you can do is put on a smile and tough through it all. BUT, the oxycodone works absolutely amazing for me. I tried dilaudid once and it worked great as well. So if you haven't tried either of those you should definitely give it a shot. It changed my life.
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