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Thread: A twitter favor...

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    A twitter favor...

    I've been trying to get my children's book published for years, without avail, but recently had an idea. If I could get Oprah to read it, and she likes it, perhaps I could get it published and in turn garner a lasting legacy and possibly with a great deal of luck, earn enough to live on my own and stay out of a nursing home. (big dreamer, I know)

    Anyway, I tweeted her a request to read it but being one single tweet out of probably thousands each day, she'd (her online manager) would likely not see it. I was wondering if those of you who use twitter would mind re-tweeting my original message in hopes it might get read by Oprah's people and in turn, Oprah herself. I have only one tweet, so its easily found. Thanks in advance to those of you who help.

    *I haven't been using twitter long but I'm assuming that a re-tweet would still get sent the person I sent mine to. If this is incorrect, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Trying to get Oprah's attention via Twitter isn't worth your time (sorry). Have you thought about self-publishing? It's not difficult to get into Amazon's marketplace – see – and other companies like Lulu worth looking into:

    This ebook is worth a few bucks if you want to go the formal route:

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    If you’re interested in doing an e-book, you might check out this site:

    An offer just came from Amazon local (866-395-2090) offering the $350 course for $49.

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