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Thread: AD..How often? how do you manage?

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    AD..How often? how do you manage?

    I start sweating as soon as I lie on my stomach..another is when i lie on my back for a long time.. What are some things that causes AD for you?how do you manage?
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    90% of the causes of AD are urinary: UTI, overful bladder, urinary stones, bladder spasm, instrumentation of the bladder, etc.

    8% of the causes of AD are gastrointestinal: constipation, impaction, gall bladder problems, diverticulosis, gastric ulcer, doing bowel care, inflammed hemorroids, etc. etc.

    The other 2% are just about anything that would cause you pain/discomfort as an AB person if you could feel it. The stimulus must be below the level of your injury. These range from broken bones, pressure ulcer, labor of pregnancy, scrotal compression, to over-stretching during ROM exercise or being in a position your body does not like.

    A big part of AD management is learning what causes it for you, and avoiding those situations/triggers. If you need to learn more about how to actually manage and treat AD, I would strongly suggest you download and read the consumer version of the clinical practice guideline on AD management from the Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine. You can get it free as a PDF download here: and look under Publications.


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    SCI_Nurse You are SERIOUSLY awesome & super helpful.Thank you for answering all my questions

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