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Thread: TiLite Acquired by Permobil

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    TiLite Acquired by Permobil

    I wonder what this means for the future of TiLite? Hopefully quality doesn't start going downhill. I'm not so sure I'm happy about this.
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    Humm, I share your concern, hopefully unfounded.
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    I have never dealt with Permobil but just like the rest of you, I hope this does not have a negative impact on TiLite products.
    //remembering back when Quickie was an innovative company before the mergers...

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    Oh boy, guess I may have to look for a different manufactuer hearing this. much like Monski said the mergers have downgraded many of the finest wheelchair designs out ther. Quickie, Shadow, Top End, Quadra and others I can't think of right now all were either put on the shelf or made so differently they just didn't cut it like they used too once acquired by larger corps..

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    Hoping for the best, but sceptical. Having said that, I think Permobil is a good company with good products, so hopefully things will not go the way of so many others.
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    I just found out myself and I am scared shitless. Getting a Tilite changed everything for me and I am saving for a TR3. If the quality goes down and suddenly the parts aren't as good and the welding not quite right and the strength and ride feel and customer service ... I can't take another Invacare. Tilite chairs mean so much to me I don't know if I'd be forced to save up and buy a Lasher. I won't be put through again what Invacare has done to wheelchairs. I don't know much about Permobil. Maybe they'll leave the Tilite division alone but if the quality drops one bit, I will move on. I need something I can always depend on and Tilite has been that chair. No matter what it never fails me. I've had all the problems with other chairs. Planned to be a Tilite customer for life but I won't settle on something I have to wonder about everyday. I've been there. I've got enough going on. I need my chair to work. Man, what is going to happen? I hope if anyone learns anything, they will pass it on to the rest of us here at CC. Please let the Invacare curse not be coming.

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    . . . oh boy . . . hang on for the ride . . . we'll see where it goes . . .
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    I have a friend who works on the assembly floor there. He said when they announced it, they said the CEO came and said nothing was changing, except for maybe some sales team stuff. He would still be in the same position (running TiLite), and no workforce changes were happening in the plant, nor any location moving or anything like that. Everything will basically be the exact same as it has been.

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    ^^ I hope the above is true and stays true, but I must call attention to the fact that the user that posted that, it is their first post.
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    Quickie to Sunrise, Top End to Invacare, TiLite to Permobile. Ugh. Less choice. Not good. We can only hope they'll operate as a "wholly owned subsidiary", free of much interference. I tend to now want to avoid them, regardless. How I spend my money is my only voice, however diminutive one voice is among millions. Why positively reinforce what I believe to be negative behavior? Even if nothing changes with their products. Man, tough news.
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